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How Does A Trash Compactor Work

If you are considering upgrading your kitchen, you may want to get a trash compactor for your home. They are handy, and helpful, and can make daily life a little bit more convenient for you and your loved ones. Once you learn more about them, you may decide you want to make the switch, too.

What Are Trash Compactors?

How does a trash compactor work, exactly? In simplest forms, a trash compactor is an appliance that is specially made to crush and compact trash to make it smaller and more condensed. It uses a metal piece called a ram to squash and compress the trash put into the bin. You can save space in your home, trips to the garbage bin, and also space in landfills by using a trash compactor.

How To Use It

For the most part, using a trash compactor is a straightforward process. You simply pull out the bin and put your items in. Then, you close it up and switch the power on and let it get to crushing. It’s important that you do not overfill the machine when you load it. Bigger items should be loaded toward the middle. You should also make sure that bottles and cans are on their sides. In general, you begin by loading bottles and cans first, as they crush down the most. Many models will have sensors and alarms that will notify you if it’s loaded incorrectly and help avoid danger.

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What Can And Can Not Be Put Into A Trash Compactor

To make sure you are using your machine properly, there are some things you should know about loading it. One fundamental thing is that instead of using trash bags, you should use bags specifically made for use in these machines. They are thicker and can hold the weight of compacted materials, which may end up being over 30 pounds. If you want to keep your machine around for years to come, it’s prudent to heed the advice of your machine’s manufacturer.Things you can put into your machine include:

  • Plastics
  • Aluminum
  • Cardboard

Things you shouldn’t put into your machine include:

  • Glass
  • Food waste
  • Household chemicals, such as cleaners

Some people decide to use their trash compactor to help them with recycling materials. Having uniform cubes of scrap metal is convenient for bringing them into recycling plants. If you’re interested in collecting scrap metal, simply load the trash compactor with only metals and separate out the plastics and cardboard. You may also skip the step of separation and put it together if you don’t want to recycle.

Safety And Precautions

To be safe, you should:

  • Do not use extension cords with this appliance
  • Lock your machine when it’s not in use
  • Do not use hands or feet to shove in extra materials
  • Follow manufacturer guidelines for use and care

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